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Privacy Policy


Confidentiality and Security of Your Membership Information


Any information you have entered to become a member of myqrcodemenu.comwill not be shared with third parties. It will only be able to disclose this information within the framework of the existence of an administrative / legal obligation.


Information such as e-mail address, postal address and telephone that you enter in the relevant form are only used by myqrcodemenu.comfor standard product delivery and information procedures. In some periods, campaign information, information about new products, promotional information may be sent to you after your approval.


Only you can access and change all the information you provide while becoming a member. If you protect your member login information securely, it is not possible for others to access and change information about you. For this purpose, it is acted within the 256-bit SSL security area during membership transactions. This system is an international encryption standard that cannot be broken.


From the moment you start using this site, you are deemed to have fully understood and accepted all the points written in the contract. Myqrcodemenu.comreserves the right to make changes in these articles without prior notice. In case of violation of one or more of these terms, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate your use without any warning, warning or information. While using the site, we strongly warn that you are solely responsible for all your transactions and that you will have to compensate anyone who may be harmed due to your actions.